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By Law, any individual living in Spain has to “Empadronarse”. So, what does this mean? Empadronarse means registering yourself as a resident at the town hall of the city or town you will be living in. 

To put it simply, the certificado of empadronamiento is an official registry document that indicates where you live. 

It is necessary for many legal processes, such as applying for your residency card, obtaining your health insurance card, registering your children in school, and even getting married in Spain.

To apply, just fill out the below form for each person and send it to us. Then attend a single appointment at the town hall with the required documentation.


We will:

Book your appointment

Send you the confirmation and location

Complete your application and email it to you

Send you a checklist of required documentation

Fill Out The Below Form For Help Getting Your Empadronamiento Now

Thanks for submitting!

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